Disbursements: Making a Payout (Disbursement) to a Single Payout Entity

Making a Payout (Disbursement) to a Single Payout Entity

A disbursement payment originates from a liability account so you must start the payout from there…

  1. Navigate to Financial > Disbursements > Liability Accounts
  2. Use the Liability Accounts grid to find the account that the disbursement will be paid from.
    1. Once the correct account is found, click on the row to open up the account
  3. Click the Actions button in the top-right
    1. Click Pay (all to “<established contact>”) if the payout is intended for the established contact (i.e. the Vacation (Liability) account has “**VACATION PLAN**” set up as the established contact
    2. Click Pay (one contact) if the payout is intended for an entity that is not the established contact
  1. Insert the relevant info into the available boxes. Note that the established contact be pre-loaded if you opt to pay all to the established contact. If you attempt to make the payment to one contact and the “Total” and “Entities” amounts in the “Payable Amount:” section show “0” then this option is not possible and the payment must be made to the established contact.


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