Batches: Reviewing a Batch

Reviewing a Batch

  1.  Navigate to Financial > Batches, filter to find the batch of interest, select the row to move to the batch profile.
  2. Open the checks and deposits everything as a single batch. Consider separating employers and members into separate batches.
  3. Take a copy of the checks and give that to dues processing with other documentation that was in the envelope.
  4.  Dues processing enters each of the transactions into a single batch in Union Fusion.
  5.  Dues processing prints out a Distribution Report (Summary) and the Account Summary associated with the batch profile.
  6.  Dues processing should review and close the batch to ensure accuracy. To review the batch, perform the following:
  1.  Run a tape against the checks to generate a total. Make sure that this total matches what is in Union Fusion.
  2.  Double check the names listed in the batch to ensure they accurately reflect the individuals listed in the source documentation.
  1.  From the batch profile, Select the Actions button and choose the option for Reviewed. This will open a modal that will ask you to Mark Batch Reviewed.  Click this button to complete the review.        





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