References: Reference Basics

Reference Basics

What is a 'Reference'

A reference is a value belonging to a data class that contains information in more accurately describing or classifying information. For example, when filling out a new mailing address for a person, you may want to identify whether or not the address is a home or business address. This can be done through the field 'Address Type'. Address type is a reference. Some other common references include: Phone Type, Email Type, Pricing Category, Person Status and so on.

Within the user interface, references are usually identified by way of a drop down control. This simply needs that the end user has a defined list of values in the reference from which they can choose. References are generally managed at the organizational level so that each school, or chapter or local can manage their own set of reference values. They can however be managed at the highest level of the Association or entity and set such that organizations within the Association or Entity must use the predefined list.

Who can edit References?

References can be edited by personnel who have permission to access the 'Reference' menu under the 'Admin' module.


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