People: Viewing a Person's Profile

Viewing a Person’s Profile

  1. Navigate to Contacts > People. 
  2. Select the Filter Icon.
  3. Enter values in the available query fields, and then click on the Search Icon. 
  4. The grid will show records based on the entered criteria.
  5. Click on a row to select a specific person of interest.
  6. You are now on the person’s (contact) profile.
  7. Alternatively, to find a person, you can use the Quick Search in the Navigation Bar. Enter a name (last, first) or (first last) or National Identifier or Social Security Number to find the person. If the quick search only finds a single record, it will show it in the profile view.
  8. Note, when using the quick search, multiple records are returned, simply select the one of the records from the grid to find the desired profile.  


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