Membership: Processing Dues

Processing Dues

  1. Navigate to Financial > Process Payment
  2. Enter the name, IA, SSN of the individual for which you want to process payment. Select the individual from the drop down when his/her name comes up. (Select the option for Simple Payment)
  3. This will bring up a screen confirming the Member’s information and allowing the end user to select one or more months for which to pay dues. 
  4. Select an appropriate number of months based on the amount of the payment. 
  5. Dependent upon circumstances, it may be necessary to add a fee for the purpose of initiation, re-initiation, assessments, etc. 
  6. Ensure that the payment date is set to the deposit date. The only exception to this is if you are processing month end checks. In order to record the check in the previous month, you must set the payment date to the last day in the previous month. 
  7. The amount of the check provided by the member should total the line items (membership, months, fees, etc…) checked in this interface. 
  8. When you’re ready, move down to the payment section of the interface and fill in the appropriate payment data. If this is a check, you will need to enter the check’s date and check number to proceed. 
  9. Ensure the batch is set to the appropriate vale (See ‘Batch Management’ for details on how to correctly manage your deposit batch). Make sure the values match the check amount. If this is not the case, you can click the adjust hyperlink to change the value of the check. This will produce either a shortage (partial payment) for the things you are paying for or a personal credit to the member if the payment amount is greater than the amount due. 

Single Payments in the Batch

  1. Click the option for Submit and Finish in order to complete the process if you are entering one payment or if you need to generate a receipt for someone waiting at the counter. 
  2. The application will take you to the payment profile. You can review the details of the payment in order to ensure its accuracy. If you are ready to generate a receipt, click on the Actions button in the upper right-hand corner and select the option for New Receipt
  3. This will open a modal window that facilitates the user in the process of generating the physical receipt. Ensure that the information is correct for the values displayed and that the printer contains the appropriate receipt number on the next one that will print.
  4. Click the button Create Receipt to complete the process. 
  5. To print the physical receipt, select the Printer Icon and choose the option Official Receipt (reprint)
  6. This will generate a PDF file that is delivered to the browser for printing. Open the PDF (receipt) and send to the appropriate printer. 

Multiple Payments in the Batch

  1. Click on the option for Save and Repeat. This will return the user to the Payment Processing screen again in order to enter the name, IA, SSN of the next individual for which you want to process payment.  
  2. When the entire batch of payment is complete, navigate to the batch by selecting Financial > Batches, and then filtering the appropriate batch. Click the row in the batch grid to navigate to the batch profile. 
  3. From the batch profile containing the payments for which you want to receipt, select all of the transactions in the batch by clicking on the record selector at the top, upper left portion of the grid. Once all of the payments in the batch are selected, then click the Actions button just above the grid to the left and choose the option for Print Receipts.  
  4. Ensure that the information is correct for the values displayed and that the printer contains the appropriate starting receipt number on the next one that will print. 


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