All Events: Online Registration- Lite Page

Online Registration: Lite Page

Each Event Profile contains a “Registration URL” that provides an HTML link for online registration.

Online Event Registration: The process begins by choosing whether to continue the registration process as a member or as a guest. The advantage of logging in as a member is that member information will auto populate screens throughout the registration process.  

  1. When you log in or continue as a guest, you are presented with the “Registrant Confirmation” Screen.
  2. Fill in the required information (*) at a minimum and select Continue to move forward.
  3. Select the appropriate tickets that apply to the first attendee (is also considered the “registrant” for the even). Note that, when registering for an event, the initial person added is called the registrant. The registrant is also considered the first attendee for the event if tickets are selected for this person. If the registrant is someone who is not attending the event, simply select the Update button, and Add Attendee in order to assign tickets to another individual. If the registrant is attending the event as an attendee, then select the appropriate tickets and click Update to proceed. The system will give you the option to end the registration process and generate the final order or add another attendee.
  4. In the next screen, it can be seen that we have added one ticket to the registrant (attendee) and that we are now adding another attendee in order to add tickets to the second attendee.
  5. To complete the registration, select Submit Registration & Continue.
  6. At this point, the registrant generally has two options, depending on configuration.
  1. The registrant can select either Continue to Payment or Invoice Me. If they choose “Invoice Me”, they will receive confirmation of the event and an invoice (configurable) by way of email. The order will remain unpaid until the registrant sends in a check. If they choose “Continue to Payment”, the registrant will be presented with a payment screen.  
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