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An 'Event' or 'Calendared Meeting' is an object that allows organizations to schedule one or more Meeting(s) around a common idea. A sample Event might be something like 'Construction Industry Trends & Analysis'.

In the platform, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of Simple and Advanced Events and to understand the fundamental terms used most often in event management. These would include but are not limited to: a 'Registration', an 'Attendee', and a 'Ticket'. A clear definition of each of these items falls below.

Registration - A Registration occurs when a single individual logs in or sends in information on behalf of one or more Attendees pertaining to an Event. 

A single Registration captures all of the required information about Event Attendee(s) which may or may not include the Registrant. The Registration will also capture the details associated with all of the Tickets purchased for each of the Attendees (under the Registration) attending the Event. A Registration is the baseline object for an Order. Effectively, whenever a Registration is created, an Order is created for that Registration.

Attendee - An Attendee represents a single person for whom Tickets have been purchased.

One Attendee belongs to one Registration and each Registration can have multiple Attendees.

Ticket - A Ticket is a 'purchasable' item that describes attendance at an Event or some aspect of an Event. 

For example, an organization can sell one Ticket for the entire Event or can sell multiple Tickets, where each Ticket represents some part of the overall Event or a sub-event.


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