Payments: Payment Basics

Payment Basics

Payments are applied to line items that belong to orders.

Payments can also be maintained in an 'unallocated' state but belonging to a person or company. Payments can additionally be stored in the form of 'personal credit' against either a person or a company.

Payments come in many forms, including but not limited to: check, cash, credit card, credit card swipe, money order ACH and more.

The system currently supports four methods for making a payment. These include:

  1. Simple - Payment process that selects the orders/line items then collects payment information.
  2. Direct - Payment process that collects the payment information then selects the orders/line items for which to apply the payment to.
  3. Advanced - Specialized interface for allocating a payment to multiple people simultaneously.
  4. Contributions - Payment method specialized for application to contribution/remittance reports.
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