Utilities: Merging Duplicates

Merging Duplicates

Merging Duplicates

Merging Duplicate records allows staff personnel to 'manage' duplicate companies or people. Duplicates happen for a variety of reasons and no system is immune from duplicates. They are not something dealt with once for all, but are managed throughout the life cycle of the system. In some cases the only people will be able to tell if two records are truly duplicates of one another. The system has some built in capabilities to use various algorithms for determining duplicates, but staff users must verify the merging of two records prior to the actual process. 

  1. Navigate to Admin > Utilities > Resolve Duplicates
  2. The selected function “Search for Duplicates” allows the system to retrieve potential duplicate records based on matching criteria selected in the Compare By drop down. In most circumstances, Users will want to choose the option Enter Known Duplicates. This allows the User to specifically select each of the two records that will be involved in the merge process. 

Resolving Duplicates by “Entering Known Duplicates” 

  1. In this interface, the User will use the Contact drop down to select duplicate records. Once both records have been selected, click the Continue button to proceed. 

Selecting Merge Data

  1. The interface shows merging records on the left and right. The values in the center will produce the merged records. The user can simply select a value under anyone of the properties to choose that value as the value to be preserved in the merge process. For both people and companies, there is a significant amount of 'related' data that exists in a one to many relationship against the entity (person or company). It is important to note that all of this information will be preserved in the merge process. This is a normal expectations, and if necessary, some of this related data can be removed.

When complete, select Merge to finalize the process.


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