References: Modifying Reference Values

Modifying Reference Values

  1. Navigate to Admin > References.
  2. This interface will render a list of References from which you can choose. To find the Reference List you are interested in, select the Filter Icon. Type in the name of the Reference List and select Search.
  3. Once the Reference List comes up in the grid, select that list by clicking on the row. You are now in the Reference List you are trying to modify.
  4. To add a new Reference value to this list, simply select Add Value.
  5. On the next screen, you will enter the value of the reference in the field labeled “Name”. The additional fields here only help to further define and describe the use of the reference value.
  6. Once you have completed, select Save Value. The new value is now added to the reference list and will appear in the drop down control of the data class where the reference exists. For example, if you are changing the reference list for “Phone Type”, any time you add a phone number to a Person’s record, you can define the type of phone it is. It is in this location that you will see the newly added reference value.  
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