All Events: Adding a Ticket

Adding a Ticket

  1. Select the Event Profile icon, then select Tickets
    1. Click on the Event Profile icon in the top left corner of the event profile page. This drop down menu will allow easy access to the Profile, Speakers, and Tickets available in this event. Select Tickets to view/add tickets to your event. 
  2. Select Create
  3. Next, add General, Availability, and Allocations information for your ticket. 

General Info

  1. Category: Categories are tracked through References. This is only for internal use and is not required. 
  2. Name: Create a name for your Ticket here. This will published on the Lite Page (aka the online registration page for the public). Registrants will select a ticket to purchase based on its name. For example: Member Registration Ticket, Non-Member Registration Ticket, Dinner Sponsor, Exhibit Booth, etc. 
  3. Ticket Code: This is an abbreviated code for the Ticket. This is only for internal use and is not required. 
  4. Price: This is what you are charging registrants for this specific ticket. This is published on the Lite Page. 
  5. Sort Order: This allows you to set the order for multiple Tickets for an Event. On the Lite Page, a registrant will be viewing all Tickets for purchase. You may want them in a certain order. For example: Individual Golfer, Foursome, Tee Sponsor, Dinner. 
  6. Description: The description of a Ticket appears on the Lite Page. For Example: Foursome: four golfers on the same team. 
  7. Email Description: This description appears in the confirmation email the registrant receives. For example: Foursome: Thanks for registering for a team of four golfers for our Annual Golf Tournament! Please email the names of your four golfers to our headquarters office. 


  1. Number Available: This sets the number of Tickets available. If you are only allowing two companies to sponsor an Awards Dinner, this Ticket would be set at two. Available ticket quantities are enforced on both Lite and Staff Registration
  2. Maximum Per Order: This sets the number of Tickets the registrants can purchase. For example, you may want a registrant to purchase no more than five registration tickets to a conference. By setting this to five, this limits how many of that specific ticket one registrant can purchase. 
  3. Begin Selling On: This determines when the ticket is available to sell. 
  4. Stop Selling On: This determines when this Ticket should no longer be visible and available for purchase. The Begin and Stop dates for Tickets are important when it comes to Early Bird and Regular Priced Tickets. 
  5. Available To: This determines who can view and purchase this ticket. For example, you may want to have a Complimentary Registration Ticket available for certain VIPs. By setting this Complimentary Registration Ticket to Staff, only the staff will be able to view and purchase this. No one else will be able to have access to it. 


  1. Account: This is usually set to Event Income, however you will want to confirm this with your Director of Finance. The Amount is the price you are selling this ticket for. The Pay Order is set to 

Select Save when you are done to save your ticket.

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