OJT: Creating Labor Categories

Creating Labor Categories

When creating work reports, it is important to have categories for the various tasks apprentices perform, in order to track their progress. However, different trades have different categories; for example, a sheet metal apprentice doesn’t have the same tasks as a painting apprentice. In this document, we will go through how to create OJT categories and mapping those categories to various trades.

Adding Categories

  1. First, to add an OJT category, navigate to Admin > References. The reference lists are fields which contain lists of information such as apprentice types, statuses, etc.
  2. Select Labor Categories. 
  3. You should now see a list of all the OJT categories available for all trades. To add a new OJT category, select Add Value.
  4. Enter all necessary information. When you are finished, select Save Value.
  1. Regarding the sort order, you can have multiple values of the same place in the mapping, as long as each is mapped to a different trade. For example, you can have two categories with sort order 1, but if one is mapped to Electrical apprentices and one goes to Fabrication, you will not cause a problem with OJT reporting.

Adding Sub-Categories

  1. Navigate to Admin > References.
  2. Select OJT Sub-Categories.
  3. The sub-categories are used for further distinction between different OJT categories. To add a new sub-category, select Add Value.
  4. Enter all necessary information. When you are finished, select Save Value.

Setup System to Map Categories

Before we map OJT categories to specific trades, you should make sure that your system enables you to do so.

  1. Navigate to Education > Settings.
  2. On the bottom of the Education Settings, make sure Define labor categories per apprentice type is checked.
  3. Select Save Settings.

Mapping Categories to Trades

Now we will map them to various apprentice types. If you have not added apprentice types yet, navigate to Apprentice Type Reference List (under Admin > References) and add the necessary apprentices types.

  1. Navigate to Education > Settings > OJT Mappings.
  2. Choose the apprentice type you wish to use, and select Proceed.
  3. Select Add Category.
  4. Type in the name of the OJT category. As you type, category names will appear which match what you enter.
  5. Select the category you want and click the plus button.
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