Out-of-Work List Basics: Feature Set within the Platform’s Out-Of-Work List

Feature Set within the Platform’s Out-Of-Work List

The Platform Supports the following features within its Out of Work List

  • Multiple Active Lists (out of work lists)
  • Each active list can support its own set of rules and alerts
  • Within each list, members can be grouped to alter their temporary status or to classify them uniquely for various purposes
  • Each list supports its own unique set of custom activity rules that can be managed by local staff
  • Each candidate, currently on an active out of work list, maintains a complete historically record of activities to track, in detail what has occurred against a member's record while on the out-of work list.
  • These activities tracked on each member can be customized by the local.
  • Manage a unique list of dispatchers/operators to authorize those who manage the data.
  • Attach documents to activities.
  • Integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) using Twilio as a technology provider.
  • Supports Job Orders that can be filled out by employers (contractors) looking to fill active jobs.
  • Job Orders, when complete, support auto search capability to match current members on the out of work list to the job order and required skills.
  • Integrated member/contractor notification during dispatch process.
  • Detailed support for skills, certifications (with integrated notification by text/email), and service trades.


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