Temporary Password

If you are an administrator and a contact in the system needs a temporary password, this help documentation will lead you through the process of creating a temporary password for the contact. 


1.    Begin by searching for the contact in the Quick Search bar




By clicking on a contact in the People, Students, Applicants or Instructors grids. 


2.    Click on the User Profile button in the upper left hand corner


 3.    Click the Change Password option in the upper right hand corner

4.    Create a New Password, preferable something simple

5.    Type it in a second time to Confirm New Password

6.   Check the 'User must change password on next login' box so that next time the user logs in, he is prompted to change his password


7.    Make sure to send a note or email to the contact you have changed the password for, with the temporary password you typed into the New Password box 


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