Enhanced Communications System (ECS)

DRG ECS (Enhanced Communications System) is an add-on subscription service available to any organization that is utilizing a Data Research Group product. If you would like to enroll in ECS, please contact our Support Team at (800)-381-1773. 


Sending the Message

  • Go to Contacts > People
  • Check the boxes of the Contacts you want to message
  • Click the Message icon between the Binoculars and Print icons in the upper righthand corner
  • The New Mailing box will appear
    • Sending a message through Primary Method of distribution: Email, Mail, Text or Voice
      • Sending your message through the Primary method should only be used if you are sure the method you have chosen is used by all of your contacts. You will need to make sure your Contacts have Default Email Addresses, Default Cell Phone Numbers.
    • You can also Select an Alternate Method by selecting an alternate in the Drop Down Menu.  The Alternate Method will be used if the Primary Method is unavailable.


  • The purpose of the email option is to send a message via email. You are able to send this message with a subject line, body, and attachment, or send a message with a subject line. You are able to attach a file to the email as well.  
  • Note that if you create an email for multiple people, all recipients of that message will be listed as Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc), so that they will not see each other. Any group email sent using the standard M3 messaging system will have its recipients marked as Carbon Copy (Cc), so that all members will see each other's email address. Using Bcc is one of the chief benefits to ECS, and is only available for that system.
  • To send an Email:
    • Choose the Primary Method: Email
    • Type in the Subject line
    • Attach a file (optional)
    • Type in your Message OR select a Custom Report
    • Finalize/Send the distribution or Save Draft
      • Saving your draft will add the message to the queue to be sent at a later time.
    • If the email is bounced from an email address, the Mailing record will show that the message bounced and the Student's email address will be automatically marked as Bad.


  • The purpose of the mail option is to queue up messages for a distribution list for physically mailing at a later time. You are able to send the message with a subject line, body, and attachment or custom report. 
  • To send a message through the mail:
    • Choose the Primary Method: Mail
    • Type in the Subject line
    • Type in your Message OR select a Custom Report
    • Finalize/Send the distribution or Save Draft

SMS (Text)

  • The purpose of the text option is to send a simple message to your Contacts. You are able to send the message of this with a body.
  • To send a message through text message:
    • Choose the Primary Method: SMS
    • There is no need for a Subject line, as it will not show in the text message
    • Type in your Message
    • Finalize/Send the distribution or Save Draft
  • Text messages are limited to 160 characters per message. Additional messages will be sent if the text is longer.


  • The purpose of the voice option is to send a simple voice message. You may type text that will be turned into an automated computer-generated voice message (or robocall) or you can record a message yourself over the phone.
  • To send a message through voice message:
    • Choose the Primary Method: Voice
    • There is no need for a Subject line, as it will not show in the voice message.
    • If you wish to use a computer-generated voice, select Type a text message to be converted to speech and enter your message in the Message box.
    • If you wish to record a message yourself, click Record a message with your phone. Enter your phone number and click Call Me. You will receive an automated call that will walk you through recording your message.
    • Finalize/Send the distribution or Save Draft

Additional Options

  • An additional option is sending a message through a Primary Method and through an Alternate Method as a secondary option. These include Email/Mail, Mail/Email, Text/Email, Text/Mail, Voice/Email, or Voice/Mail.
    • The alternate method will only be used if the primary method is unavailable.
    • If you click Save Draft, the system will save the message for a later time.
      • To edit and send the saved draft, go to Contacts > Mailings,  and select it from the Mailings list. Click on Edit  to return to the Method and Finalize/Send Mailing.
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